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Selfless Ambitions

September 4, 2010

The greatest religious leaders of the world made sacrifices for the well-being of the  people.On their way to reach their selfless ambitions,they suffered a lot.They were insulted and humiliated.Amidst all the difficulties they achieved their goals for the sake of the people.

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August 28, 2010

Netball is a team event.Each team has 7 players on court at a time fourteen(14)players per game.Each player has a position and a partner from the other team. Like Wing Attacks partner is Wing Defense from the other team.Players have specific areas where they can move about during a game.

The aim is to score as many goals as possible.The Goal Shoot or a shooter would throw the netball through a hoop.The Goal Attacker defends it.The other players also should  try and prevent the other team from scoring goals.You cannot move when you have the ball and you cannot hold onto the ball for more than 3 seconds.

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Kelaniya Ancient Temple

August 28, 2010

One of the most sacred Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka is the Kelaniya Ancient Temple,which stands majestically in the heart of

Kelaniya,facing the Kelani River.It is only 11km from Colombo.The annual perahera or the Duruthu perahera of the Kelaniya temple is held in January.

It is said,that Lord Buddha’s third visit to Sri Lanka was to

Kelaniya,following an invitation by a Naga king named Maniakkikha over 2500 years ago to settle a dispute between Chulodara and Mahodara over a gem studded chair.On his arrival King Maniakkikha offered the gem studded chair to Lord Buddha to preach the damma seated on it.Later King Maniakkikha constructed a dagoba or a pagoda which has taken the shape of a heap of paddy,whereas,the other dagobas in Sri Lanka take the shape of a bell or a bubble.The gem studded chair is believed to be enshrined in this dagoba.

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Yala East National Park

August 21, 2010

Yala East National Park or Kumana  is renowned for rare and beautiful birds.This bird is sanctuary lies on the  South -East coast in the  Eastern Province.The  distance from Colombo to Kumana is approximately 391km.The total land area is 18149 hectares.It was established in 1969.Yala East National Park is well-known for its diversity of wild life,largely with characteristics of dry zone and tropical thorn forests.In addition,the world famous mangrove swamp of  Kumana provides a particularly  important habitat for birds.

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Language in Maldives

July 31, 2010

Throughout the Maldives,Dhivehi,a Language  which belongs to the  Indo Iranian group of  languages is spoken.It’s written from right to left.The national flag  comprises  a green rectangle with a red border.In the centre of of the green regtangle  is a white  crescent.The National  tree is the coconut palm and  t6he  pink rose  is the national  flower.

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National Emblem of Maldives

July 24, 2010

The  National Emblem of the Maldives consists of a coconut  palm,a crescent,a star and two criss crossed  National Flags with the Traditional title of the state.

Transport in Maldives

July 24, 2010

”Dhoni”which is locally built is the common mode of inter island transport in the Maldives.The outrigger canoe,trawler and local boat are some of the other means of travel by water.