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A Visit to Haggala Gardens

June 5, 2010









Grade 9 girls of Methodist Central College visited  the Haggala Botanical Gradens during their annual school excursion

Madhu: It’s very cold here,isn’t it?I’m almost shivering with cold.

Ashini:Madhu,forget about the cold and see the beauty of these lovely flowers.

Savindi:This area looks like a mult coloured carpet.I feel like lying on it.

Sanugi:Look at these roses,how beautiful there are!I’ve never seen so many!

Madhu:Come here, look at these roses.Have you ever seen such a variety?

Savindi:Oh!these dahlias and carnations!I’ve never seen any so beautiful and so bright.

Teacher:This is the flowering season.See,all the plants and trees are covered with fliwers.

Rashini:These boards give the botanical names of all the plants and trees.

Sanugi:There are some instructions too.

Let’s read them.

(Do not pick the flowers/Walk along the foot paths/Keep away from the lawn/Enjoy the fragrance and don’t

touch the flowers.)

Thashi:Look !That man seems to bea gardener.He is spraying something.

Rithu:Mmm…..what a corrosive smell!I think he is spraying some chemical.

Teacher:That’s how they take care of these flowers.They prune the plants,weed them,manure them,and use pesticides at the correct time.

Ashini:Teacher,isn’t it like looking after babies.What a responsibility for these gardeners!

Thasi:  If  they failed to look after them well,we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty of the garden.We must be thankful to them them.

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