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Three Little Pigs(A Story)

May 14, 2011

Once there were three little pigs.They wanted to build their own houses.1st little pig built his house by using straws.2nd little pig built his house by using sticks.3rd little pig built his house by using bricks.Also,one big bad wolf lived close to them.This wolf wanted to eat them.The wolf went to the 1st little pig’s house and said,”little pig May I come in?”The pig refused it.Then the wolf blew the house down.After that,1st little pig ran to the 2nd little pig’s house.Then the wolf went to the 2nd little pig’s house.He asked the pigs to open the door.Again they refused.Then the wolf blew the house down.Those two pigs ran to 3rd little pig’s house.Then the wolf asked little pigs to open the door.But they refused.Then wolf dis aided to climb through the chimney.Those three little pigs prepared a big hot water pot under the chimney.Then the wolf fell into the hot water pot.So’that was the end of big bad wolf’s life.


Goldilock And the Three Bears(A Story)

May 7, 2011

There were three bears and one was a baby bear.They liked to eat porridge.One day they went for a walk after preparing porridge.Then,Goldilocks entered to this house and ate the baby bear’s porridge.After that,she sat on baby bear’s chair and broke it.Then she slept on baby bear’s bed.The bear’s came and they saw this strange girl.Then,Goldilocks wanted to go.

A Rose with a Difference

December 14, 2010

Do you know what these roses are?They are called “Dog Roses.”This variety of roses was brought to Sri Lanka by the British.They planted it in Nuwara Eliya.It has five petals which are open.,they are pale pink in colour.It has an edible fruit.It is very rich in Vitamin C, and is used to make syrup,tea and marmalade.The syrup is called ‘rose hip syrup’.This plant is planted as a nurse or ‘cover crop’ or stabilizing plant.                                                                                                                             Go to site                              

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Lord Shiva

October 16, 2010

Lord Shiva is the supreme god of Hinduism.He wears the crescent moon on the left on his head.There is a serpent coiled around his neck,a trident ”thrishulam”in his one hand.He is known as the ‘giver’ god.His vehicle is a bull (symbol of happiness and strength)named Nandi.Maha Sivarathri Day is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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Prophet Muhammad

October 9, 2010

Prophet Muhammad was  a messenger of the almighty Allah.He always wanted to make peace among the people.Allah granted him a special gift to resolve conflicts and disputes.He took great care of his people’s religious needs as well as economic needs.He served the world as a noble compassionate teacher and a reformer.

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Jesus Christ

October 2, 2010

Jesus Christ is known as the Son of God. He was a great teacher who lived among the people. He taught in parables and proverbs. He performed miracles to solve  the problems of people. He sacrificed his life to save people from their sins. He is honoured   with the title ”The Saviour”

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Lord Buddha

September 11, 2010

Prince Siddhartha was born as the crown prince of the kingdom of’ ‘ Sakyas’.He was concerned about the misery and sufferings of the people.He sacrificed his throne,wife,son and wealth to   learn the truth of life in oder to help mankind.Finally he found the root cause for the suffering and the way to relieve all living beings from suffering.This path is known as ”Arya Ashtangika Marga (the Noble Eight Fold Path)

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